After the vegetable growing the fruit growing is the second important branch of the horticulture in Hungary. The fresh fruit and the fruit-based products consumption are essential in the point of view of health-care, because a lot of illnesses can be cured by the suitable diet. Furthermore, the fruit growing is important not just for Hungary but for the Carpathian-Basin, there are numerous traditions, habits connected to the growing, consuming, and usage of the fruit species.

Our mission

Our activity is based on knowledge transfer, which means, that we make consultions for smaller groups of growers and possible growers or making workshops for them. Growing of the fruit species, difficulties, critical points, and challanges of its production will be introduced during our events. Our events are by fruit species, as well as after special request we take part in such events, which connectes a lot of fruit species. There are some events, where practical show will be fulfilled. For us the personal contact is important, this is the key for exact knowing the difficulties and troubles to prepare the suitbale solution, therefore individual consultation is also possible.

We can give a hang in planning and sizing of an orchards, selection of the available rootstocks and scions, growing system, orchard system, the best plant protection method, planning the harvest periode. Furthermore, planning and realisation of the irrigation system too, so useing one word we are ready to help all branches of the fruit growing